Ground Mustard

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Ground Mustard 82 Grams (3 oz)


So what does ground mustard taste like? It has a fresh, clean aroma coupled with a sharp taste. It adds the perfect punch to butter, cheese, and beef. It is the ideal addition in salad dressings and mayonnaise as it elevates their flavor. The more you experiment with it in your cooking rendezvous', the more it will surprise you.

What makes ground mustard so famous is that it isn't as potent or pungent as whole mustard seeds. So let's unfold the secrets that this flavor-packed spice holds.

What Is Ground Mustard?

Ground mustard is also commonly known as mustard powder or powdered mustard and is produced by thoroughly grinding mustard seeds. Once they are powdered, they are sifted to remove the seed coat and what you have left is a smooth powder. You can store your batch of ground mustard in a dark, dry place for a good six months.

How To Cook Using Mustard Powder?

Here are some of the mustard powder uses:

  • Mustard sauce: One of the most obvious uses of ground mustard is making a homemade mustard sauce. All you have to do is mix vinegar, mustard powder, water, and a sweetener, and you will have your very own homemade mustard sauce. Use water to adjust the consistency of your sauce.

  • Dry rub: Mustard powder also works as an excellent dry rub for different meats. It adds the perfect touch of heat without being too intense. You can also enhance the flavor of grilled meats by seasoning them with this tasteful spice.

  • Add it to ground meat: Adding mustard seed powder to ground meat will enhance other seasonings' flavor. Add it to ground meat that is used for making kebabs and burger patties.

Ground Mustard 82 Grams (3 oz)

Health Benefits Of Mustard Powder

  • Mustard seed powder works excellent in speeding up and aiding in digestion.

  • Consuming mustard powder will give your metabolism a much-needed boost.

  • Mustard powder is effective in treating pneumonia and sore throats.

  • It helps to reduce the pain and swelling caused due to a bee sting.

Add Mustard Powder To Your Spice Rack

Mustard powder is a must-have spice owing to its culinary and health benefits. Get your hand on our top-selling ground powder and be blown away with its impeccable taste.

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