Ground Cumin

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Ground Cumin 48 Grams (1.7 oz)

Besides being a vital part of curries and stews, cumin powder is also present in various spice blends like curry powder, garam masala, and berbere.


What Is Cumin?

Cumin is the dried seed of the Cuminum cyminum, a plant belonging to the parsley family. It is available in both dry and a ground form and is used in dishes throughout the world.


The cumin seeds are tiny and boat-shaped and are harvested from an annual plant. The most commonly used cumin variety is brownish-yellow in color, whereas the other types of cumin are white cumin, green cumin, and black cumin. Ground cumin is a staple spice in Middle Eastern and Mexican dishes, whereas whole seeds are used mainly in Indian recipes.


What Does Cumin Powder Taste Like?

Ground cumin definitely packs a punch to the taste buds owing to its warm and earthy flavor. Its taste is very distinctive with a nutty, woody, spicy taste and bitter undertones, and a tinge of lemon. Ground cumin has the perfect mix of sweet and bitter notes that impart an exclusive flavor to any dish it makes its way into.


How To Use Cumin Powder In Cooking?

  • Cumin powder is a staple ingredient in chili con carne.

  • It is added to different poultry marinades.

  • Cumin powder works great as a dry rub for pork or lamb.

  • No barbeque sauce or hot sauce is complete without its fair share of cumin powder.

  • It gives soups and stews the perfect kick of flavor and smell.

  • Cumin gives an exotic flavor to any rice dish it is incorporated into.

Ground Cumin 48 Grams (1.7 oz)

Health Benefits Of Cumin Powder

  • Cumin is loaded with iron, which is essential for transporting oxygen throughout the cells in the body.

  • It helps boost the body’s metabolism, which makes it the best general tonic.

  • Cumin helps to reduce nausea.

  • Lactating mothers use cumin to help increase their milk production.

  • It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

  • Cumin works excellent in treating cold, flu, and chest infections.


Stock Up On Cumin Powder

No meal is complete without having a dash of cumin powder to elevate its taste and flavor. You can get the best stash of ground powder from our online spice shop.

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