Cinnamon Stick 28 Grams (1 oz)

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Cinnamon Stick 28 Grams (1 oz)


Whether it is added as a stick in your favorite soup or sprinkled on your frothy hot chocolate, cinnamon has the quality of inducing a luxurious taste that no other spice can match. For centuries, cinnamon has been delighting palettes and providing numerous health benefits.


What Is Cinnamon & Its Different Types?

Cinnamon is obtained from the barks of the evergreen laurel family of trees that thrive in the world's tropical and subtropical regions. The most famous varieties of cinnamon belong to China and Sri Lanka.


Cinnamomum cassia is a variety of cinnamon that belongs to China and is the most widely used. Ceylon cinnamon, native to Sri Lanka, has a more delicate flavor and is the most prized type. Other varieties of cinnamon are also available in the market, such as Vietnamese cinnamon and Indonesian cinnamon.


What Does Cinnamon Taste Like?

The magical spice has a warm and sweet taste with a pungent smell. It gets its distinctive scent and flavor from cinnamaldehyde, which is the major part of cinnamon's essential oil. The Cassia variety has a more pungent taste, whereas true cinnamon has floral notes.


How To Use Cinnamon Sticks in Cooking?

  • When making hot chocolate, stir the drink using a cinnamon stick to impart a luxurious flavor.

  • You can crush a cinnamon stick and add the crumble to cake mixtures, puddings, bread dough, and various other desserts. 

  • You can make a relaxing cinnamon tea by simply infusing a stick of cinnamon in boiled water.

  • If your recipe needs several cinnamon sticks, grind them to save time.

Cinnamon Stick 28 Grams (1 oz)

Health Benefits Of Using Cinnamon

There are several health benefits associated with cinnamon that are bound to make anyone its fan. Let's look at them in detail:


  • To relieve a toothache or freshen your breath, you can chew on a cinnamon stick.

  • Cinnamon is loaded with phenol, which gives it high antiseptic quality. Grind a cinnamon stick and mix it with fresh mint and water and use it as a mouthwash.

  • Drinking cinnamon tea helps to relieve muscle pain and aids with digestion.


Load Up On Your Stock Of Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks can be used for a variety of purposes owing to their luxurious taste and strong scent. Get your hands on our batch of top-quality cinnamon sticks.

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