The majority of the dishes made had the brightness of the evening sun as it set beyond the hills. The brightness of the golden spice of the east called saffron. Saffron is a major part of the dishes.

Nice Saffron is a family owned business that is passed down from generation to generation. We intend to keep the family tradition while sharing our love and passion for saffron by selling this most delicate and finest spice in the world: the SAFFRON. With over 50 years of expertise passed down, it has propelled us to not only sell saffron but to give the world the best saffron spice available in any market.

Our knowledge of saffron is not from written books or from stories told by our grandparents; they are from seeing our great grandparents/grandparents, and parents work the saffron fields - from planting, harvesting, and drying of the saffron. We have a firsthand insight of the advantages and properties of the golden spice of the east and feel that the world should share in the extensive property of the king of spice by bringing it to every home and kitchen in the world. It was on the foundation that Nice Saffron was birthed.

Our saffron is grown under the best conditions to produce the highest quality Saffron Threads. Each red stigma of the saffron flower is meticulously hand-picked by experts to ensure that the thread remains intact without any breakages. The saffron threads are dried under natural serene environment to retain its color, vitamins, taste, nutrients, and aroma and then well packed to ensure it remains top grade when it gets to your kitchen.

Nice Saffron is available online with easy purchasing and shipping methods for the finest organic saffron you can ever buy, with more than 10 years’ experience, our saffron have a robust, alluring and bright flavor. As a US-based company, Nice Saffron is committed and guarantees that only the best quality of our Premium Saffron get to you – our valuable customers.